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bbq smokers
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bbq smokers
bbq smokers
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hardwood charcoal
bbq smokers

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Lip Smakin Smokers LLC.
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Elizabeth, NJ 07206
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bbq smokers
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East Coast Horizon Smoker BBQ Source!

Professionals Pitmasters have relied on us for many years. Our company offers a wide selection of top-quality products that are professional grade. We are much more than just a source of BBQ smokers. We also carry BBQ wood chips, BBQ wood chunks, BBQ wood logs, BBQ cook books, hibachi grills, and many more great BBQ items.

We understand the art of smoking and the enjoyment it brings as you watch the expression of pure enjoyment on the face of the people as they eat your creations. We have gathered the "best of the best" in every BBQ product we offer.

It's time for mouth watering, "fall of the bone" Ribs, succulent Brisket and scrumptious Chicken and Turkey. Plus tantalizing fish, veggies, breads and deserts too... Right in your own backyard all year long.

Join the famous chefs and celebrities who use and enjoy our quality smokin equipment. Our customized smokers are the ulitmate "Pit Master" BBQ cooking experience!

Just recently, noted Chef and NYC Restaurateur, Bobby Flay, of the Food Network Channel proclaimed our Horizon Horizontal Smokers the best in the USA!

We believe that our team is the very best in our field. We understand the dynamics of BBQ smoking, the marketplace, and our customer base which allows us the ability to provide you with the best products and services.
So if you have not tried us what are you waiting for?

"The best looking and best cooking BBQ pits in the entire USA"


History of

Rob Milo, of, started out enjoying real BBQ and the slow smoking of meats, fish, vegetables, breads, and even deserts over 40 years ago, as he travelled across America and Europe, on business and vacations with his wife, Amy. They kept lots of notes, and collected Restaurant Menus from their favorite places.

Whenever I came into a town, I would ask where to eat the best of family style BBQ Slow-Cookin'. Then, I would also take a tour of the parking lots of the various suggested establishments to see if they were busy and I also compared notes with many hotel and business friends. Then, we would proceed with confidence and much anticipation about tasting and learning about America's best BBQ.

I noticed, that when we returned home, real good local BBQ was very difficult to locate. We have not reached our true slow smoking BBQ potential here in New Jersey yet…So, was started to seek out and continue the Slow Smoking BBQ traditions of America. This is our "Passion" and our mission. It is a joy.

BBQ Slow Cookin' is not difficult to learn. The main ingredient is time…as you enjoy and watch your delicious foods…slowly cook and brown, while your guests get to enjoy some foods that really taste best because they are slow cooked for hours, not grilled in minutes. Yes, there is a definite and hugely scrumptious advantage.

Once you pick out a meat - you simply marinade it overnight. Start up your charcoal the next day, select a wood, such as oak, maple, pecan, or fruit woods. Then after about 15 minutes, place the various foods on the BBQ Pit and just sit back and enjoy the many fabulous aromas. Wow, it is finger-licking good.

Add a great sauce and it is time for a fabulous backyard, mouth watering event.

Hot sauces, tasty barbecue sauces, salsas, and rubs are extra fun too. Then, next weekend, pick out another choice - turkey, chicken, ribs, sausages, and pork butts, or even fish and wild game too. Just keep the Pit temperature at 200-250 degrees…because we are talking…real slow cooking here…as it has been enjoyed all over America for so many years.

Rob Milo feels that it is definitely time to step up to the next level, in your own backyard BBQ fun. Why not, he suggests. This is your opportunity to put your passion to the enjoyable task of utilizing lots of wonderful marinades, sauces, rubs, and salsas, together, with the best of quality, premium woods and charcoals that are available today.

Our very select woods are from across the United States best orchards for the ultimate in sweetness and burn time. has assembled the "best of the best". And, we also bring in the finest of "Quality" smoking pits; built and guaranteed to last a lifetime…All are hand crafted by Horizon of Oklahoma and make a beautiful addition to the garden and backyard.

Recently, noted Chef Bobby Flay, mentioned that horizontal-type smokers were his favorite and that Horizon smokers are truly the best.

Our complete selections are available in our beautiful showroom in Elizabeth, NJ…not far from the Jersey Gardens Mall and IKEA.

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Lip Smakin Smokers BBQ woods, smokers, and BBQ accessories make a great gift for Fathers Day or a great suprise for that BBQ enthusiast in your family.
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bbq smokers
bbq smokers
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